Rebranding to Rotki

Why rebrand?

Since launching v1.0 of the Rotkehlchen application a common theme on feedback was that it’s a nice app with a definitive use case but people simply can not spell and much less pronounce the name.

No matter the attachment to the name rebranding becomes very important when people can not write down the name of the project to recommend it to their friends or can not even google it successfuly. Projects like Rotki live and die from word of mouth so everything that can be done to facilitate it should be done.

To that end as of right now the project name has been rebranded to Rotki.

What has changed?

The old domain name is still ours and will keep working for at least 1 more year.

Thank you

Thank you for your continued support! It is only through feedback from our users that Rotki can become a better tool that will enable you to take ownership of your financial data.

If you see any remaining places where the name needs to be changed just let us know via Twitter and we will get to it.

If you haven’t done so yet please download the latest Release for your OS, try Rotki out and give us feedback on what you would like to see improved.