Rotki wants you to work with us! Looking for a backend developer!


Rotki is a true startup in the true sense of the word. A side-project trying to grow and get out into the world. At the moment we are a really small team and the issues and feature requests are piling up. Since rotki is opensource we have some help from amazing community volunteers but it’s time to grow the core team beyond 2 people. To do that we are looking for a backend developer to work with us and help us create opensource financial tools.

Role requirements

We are looking for a backend developer to help us improve Rotki. You will work mostly with the founder (Lefteris) who is presently the only other developer working in the backend. The task is to help in the development of new features, supporting more exchanges, more blockchains, more DeFi protocols and solving all issues/bugs that are coming our way.

Since this is a startup you will probably wear a lot of hats and may need to also help with the backend/infrastructure of our website and API.

Technical requirements:

Non-Technical requirements:

What we can offer

This position can be for either a half-time (50%) or a full-time (100%) role.

How to apply / More Info

Send an email to with your CV, a link to your Github profile and a small text about yourself and why you are interested to work with us on Rotki. Please include a link to a project you worked on and are the most proud about. Tell us why that is. If it’s opensource also include a link.

That’s all!

If you want more info on Rotki: